Placement Tests


Placement Tests are part of the application process for Bachelor studies at WUT. During the application process, once your Entry Documents get verified positively by ISO, you will be given access to Placement Tests. They are online tests that enable us to assign you to an appropriate study path: entering 1st year of Bachelor studies directly or completing Foundation Year first.

The results of the tests do not determine the admission - the decision about the admission is made by the Faculty on the basis of your secondary school leaving certificate and transcript of records. The results of the tests determine whether you can start studies right away or you have to start with Foundation Year.

About Placement Tests:

  • Administered online
  • Two parts: English and Mathematics
  • Candidates will have 1 week* to access and complete the Placement Tests from the moment they get an email with the link.
  • Each test is 1.5 hours. You can take them separately (for example Maths one day, English the other day).
  • Maths test consists of 20 questions. Before you attempt the main test, you will have a chance to see and answer 5 sample questions.
  • English test is about grammar mostly, and vocabulary. There is neither writing nor reading part.
  • Both tests are multiple-choice questions, only one answer is correct.


PLEASE REMEMBER: Work on your own! Placement Tests and Foundation Year have been designed to help you by choosing the study path that will suit you best. It is not a pass-fail test, so it does not determine your admission. For your benefit, it is important you take it without any assistance.

  • More information on FOUNDATION YEAR is available here.


1. Algebraic expressions - expanding quadratic and cubic expressions
2. Algebraic expressions - factoring quadratic expressions
3. Algebraic equations - factoring cubic and degree four expressions
4. Solving systems of two equations with two unknowns
5. Solve a linear inequality
6. Quadratic equations
7. Quadratic inequalities
8. Absolute values to intervals
9. Intervals to absolute values
10. Rules for exponents
11. The slope of a line, equation of a line
12. The perpendicular line
13. The x and y intercepts of a line
14. Distance between points
15. The equation of a circle
16. The equation of a parabola
17. Find the point(s) where the figure given by the equations intersect.
18. Find the domain of a function given by a formula
19. Equations defining functions
20. Do the given points belong to the graph of a function.


* 1 week period counting from the moment ISO verifies positively Entry Documents and provides candidates with the link to online Placement Tests